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BLUEJAY Mpeg Suite - Media Player & Disc Jockey, Wave & MP3 Editor, Equalizer, Digital FX, CD Recording, Mod Tracker
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12 June 2010

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Numerous media players with varied functionalities have come up over the past few years offering enhanced audio and video experience to the user with utmost flexibility and customization tools that offers the user ample opportunities to make the most of it. Different media players have diverse settings that can be altered by the user as per convenience. However, most of the media players do not include the features of modification or editing besides music and video playing which is USP of Bluejay 1.0; an application that offers multiple tools and features to the user for performing editing functions along with media playing functionalities and also manages the files effectively.

Bluejay 1.0 upon launch opens with a unique looking and compact interface in the form of an elongated vertically placed rectangle with a myriad of options placed across the screen to manage and list music and audio. It contains numerous controlling tabs to assist the user in editing audio and managing it as desired and the black and grey hued background makes it interesting in its appeal. This complete suite contains around fourteen audio components and multiple controls and flexible media management along with providing various effects to the user to insert in the music files. The equalizer and digital effects processor help the user adjust audio levels to for optimal listening and the integrated Mixer component controls the sound system and balance levels, besides other audio elements like bass and treble making the application immensely flexible. The enhanced features of this application are too many to list and hence it is highly recommended to music lovers who wish to augment their musical experiences.

To sum up, Bluejay certainly earns rich kudos for its unique working and functionalities that offer multiple services to the user for enhancing the musical experience and hence gets a rating score of 4.5 points for its stellar performance along with user friendly and compact interface navigation.

Publisher's description

BLUEJAY Mpeg Suite is a capable media player with fourteen audio components and intuitive controls that hide a powerful playback engine and flexible media management. Bluejay supports portable media & mp3 players, auto-queue creation, wave editing, digital FX processing, compact disc recording, professional DJ controls and mucho more. Disc Jockey your media items in a basket of versatility. Cross fade music tracks and enjoy smooth transitions between pieces. Programmable equalizer and digital effects processor help adjust audio levels to your listening environment. Create and edit sound files with powerful yet easy-to-use Wave Editor.
Use MIXER to control sound system volume levels, balance, recording levels, & bass and treble if supported. The X-FADER provides easy management of music transitions with one-click fading and includes assortment of cross-fades and transitional effects. Create and manage your playback queue using DISC JOCKEY and enjoy hours of listening pleasure. Incorporate powerful elements that make your queues sing. The FAVORITES component provides convenient access to four banks of twenty-six favorites (A-Z) mapped to the keyboard for quick firing or cueing. Includes WAVE ANALYZER with vertical and base-line graphs plus SPECTRUM ANALYZER monitoring sixteen bands per channel of real-time audio. PEAK ANALYZER provides timed decay of spectrum analysis. Use the MPEG EQUALIZER for boosting/cutting ten bands per channel up to +/-7db. DIGITAL FX on board for performing real time digital signal processing with common effects you can use to enhance playback signal. Create and edit wave, mp3 tracks and other sound files with full-featured WAVE EDITOR. Spin compact discs with CD PLAYER work-horse supporting up to 64 drives, digital playback & recording plus speed control. WAVE PLAYER managing playback of up to 16 waves/mp3's with speed control, marking, and programmable looping. MIDI SEQUENCER and MOD TRACKER also included.
Version 1.0
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